The real problem

Sales & Marketing Investments Vs ROI

3 in 10 sales initiatives are successful. How many times you have felt the SDRs are not understanding the product technology. How many times you felt as the founder you are better/ successful at closing. How many times you felt the marketing technologies are expensive though very useful. How many times you felt you cant afford a dedicated VP of Marketing.

Sales and Marketing in Auto-Pilot

Imagine putting your sales and marketing efforts in auto-pilot and focus only on the business. Offload the marketing, setting up the tools and campaigns, tracking success, pre-sales, deal closures. Spend your money only on visible outcomes and not setting up tools, teaching, training and learning the tools & technologies. Leave the basics to us and focus on your business. Welcome to the era of new-age Sales-As-a-Service.

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The Seventh Sense

New approach to Outcome based Sales and Marketing

Forget the days of feeling frustated by zero or poor sales outcomes. Forget the days of losing sleep over setting up tools and tech for marketing and keeping at it. Forget the fights between sales and marketing teams blaming each other.

Welcome to the new age of Sales and Marketing. We discover, set up tools and tech, learn and train the pre-sales and sales engineers and will focus only on results. No more excuses and compromises. We are your extended sales and marketing team with dedicated account managers to respond to all your queries.

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Learn the tools and techniques of new age marketer.

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